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Oil cleaning

Oil cleaning, oil before producing oil technology of oil itself has certain requirements, so it must be after cleaning can be selected into the pre pressing extraction production line for oil process system.
Oil cleaning in the process of oil preparation is a must, the so-called oil cleaning is the use of a variety of cleaning equipment for removal of containing oil in the oil cleanup sundries, covering all the processes of extracting the oil before the oil. Including miscellaneous, blank making processes and follow-up of cashmere, cleaning, peeling, hulling cleaning process in addition to oil pretreatment, broken, and even the late softening, compacts, cooking etc. blank making process. The reason to emphasize the necessity of oil cleaning, because there is no direct system after pretreatment of oil, oil oil yield is low, more deep, sediment, oil cake quality is poor, will reduce the equipment prepressing extraction production line production efficiency, will cause serious impact on the environment.

Zhengzhou First prepressing extraction production line equipment department summarized for oil after cleaning is required, including the following two points:
1, after cleaning up the oil cannot contain a weed, stone, iron and other larger sundries;
2, the total impurity content in oil should be in conformity with the relevant provisions.
The principle of oil cleaning is the main difference using oil itself and impurities by magnetic, winnowing, screening and so on method of cleaning.
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