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Coconut oil extraction machine oil press machines

Copra oil extraction machines

1.The automatic screw coconut oil press is composed of vacuum filtration system, automatic heating device and controlling system.

2. Some parts of the copra oil press will be preheated before pressing, such as the press chamber, press screw and press ring.

3. During pressing, the  copra oil press will filter the oil in due time.

4. This machine is matched with one controlling cabinet box to control all working process of the machines.

The simple structure of coconut oil extraction machine oil press machines.

Raw materials feeder : the raw materials can go to the oil press machine through the feeder .

Vacuum filter : the crude oil go to the vacuum filter . In the filter , the pgysical impurities will be removed , which make the crude oil very clean and can be cooking directly .

Cake outlet : after the oil pressing section , the raw materials will be divided into two parts , one part is vegetable oil and the other part is raw materials cake . The cake can be used for animal feed .

Control panel : in the control panel , there are several buttons . The heating system can make thetemperatureof pressing enviroment about 120 degree , which can make perfect pressing section workingenviroment . When the temperature is higher than 120 degree , the heating system will be cut off automatically . The design of heating system can guarantee the service life of the oil press machine.

Through the semi-automatic oil press machine , you can get the crude oil as final products And through the full-automatic oil press machine , you can get the edible refined oil as final products . You can choose the proper one according to the oil requirements.

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