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Hot Sale Copra Oil Extractor Machine

  Technical parameters of copra oil extraction machine

  1. Extraction tank volume: 0.025m3; raw material inventory: 2-10Kg/batch; minimum inventory: 2KG.

  2. Extraction system is equipped with a reflux condenser, reflux cooler and oil-water separator that can recover aromatic oil in materials in an effective manner.

  3. Units are equipped with outer circular evaporating concentrator with an evaporation capacity (water) of: 4-Kg/h. Low concentration temperature and dynamic circular evaporation provide an effective solution to decreased heat transfer efficiency with increased concentration, save energy and improve efficiency so that a higher concentrated concentration ratio of up to 1.1 ~ 1.38 (traditional Chinese medicine extract) is reached.

  4. Evaporation chamber vacuity: ~-0.08MPa

  5. Extraction temperature can be controlled and set with accuracy of ± 2ºC.

  6. Heating power: 380V/18Kw

  7. System configuration: extraction tank, reflux condenser, reflux cooler, aromatic oil collector, extractor filter, tubular heater, evaporator, recovery condenser, recovery cooler, collecting tank, conduction oil heating tank, vacuum pump, stainless steel rack and connecting pipe valves, and meters, etc.

  8. Cooling water consumption: 2t/h. Cooling water pressure: <0.3 MPa.

  9. Circular heating of conduction oil (no pressure between lamination) and uniform heating. The heater is far away from the extraction tank. Can be applied to water, alcohol and solvent extraction and serve as pilot plant testing equipment for natural herb extraction. Suitable for extraction and concentration of herbal liquid and tea and fruit juice and recovery of organic solvents in research institutions, universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical factory and food industry.

  10. It combines multi-functional extraction, vacuum concentration and organic solvent recovery as a whole and simplify operations with functions of heat reflux circular extraction, concentration, conventional extraction, concentration, water sedimentation (alcohol sedimentation).

  11. Unit parts contacting materials are made of stainless steel that works in negative pressure, ordinary pressure and positive pressure conditions.

  12. Dregs leach through the digestion basket.

  13. Body material: SUS304. Size: 1800X900X1900mm.

 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2LjPitOPUI