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High quality for copra oil extraction machine

High quality for  copra oil extraction machine

1. Products

We produce edible oil press machine, edible oil extraction machine with solvent and edible oil refining machine

2. Customer

We have customers from all over the world like Bangladesh,  Indonesia, india, malaysia, Zambia, Nigeria, Russia , Turkey, More than 30 countries and areas.

3. Advantages

(1) Simple design, small volume and light weight, easy to handle and move.

(2) Easy for operating, low labour intensity and high economical profit.


1. It is easy for people to learn, understand, and operate because of its small size. Besides, it is no special requirements for people to operate.

2. It costs less various expenses with lower electricity consumption in use.

3. The machine is a hydraulic machine with big pressure, high oil yielding rate and pure oil Quality.

4. The machine adopts automatic control system, automatic preheating control and automatic pressure control of hydraulic system.

The machine adopted imported high quality silicomanganese material for main components.is manufactured from precision CNC lathes combined with modern high technology.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2LjPitOPUI&t=162s